Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i do not need seating.

i like the floor.
bring me some wonder.
why do i let things come and go so easily?
what i really want
is a voice.
to be taken seriously.
i want simplicity.
i want to sit on a parachute in an empty room.
like we did in kindergarden.
you most likely havn't the foggiest of what i am talking about.
but this is what my mind is spewing out.
i want realness.
and frollicking.
and lots of apple juice.
i want to read poetry.
and listen to norah jones and frank sinatra.
i want a midnight rendevouz with a fantastic book.
i want to wave to more faces and play ring around the rosy with little girls.
i want hugs. i am a hugger. i hug.
hugs for everyone.
i declare.
ladel me some jello.


  1. people
    ways things are done
    like chairs and stupidity and happiness and words
    so many

    sitting on a parachute in an empty room would be nice
    especially if i were cold so i could feel chilly and feel the feeling

    this makes sense to me

  2. ahh i misspelled horribly
    so i pushed the trash can
    but i'm delighted
    that you understand