Tuesday, September 8, 2009

a 5:52 am foggy morning stroll

i woke up one day this summer.
i was itching to be with nature.
but the kitchen clock read 5:52
this would not stop me.
i grabbed juaquin (my cannon)
slipped on my chucks.
And headed outside.
i was welcomed by fog.
it was thick but still mellow.
a little frightening, what with the fog and funny noises emerging from the forest.
but wonderful just the same.


  1. all of those are so so nice

    just nice

    i did that once, it was around 5 and i woke up and needed to bike into the forrest, but there were mountain lions still about and i honestly almost died

    my dad saved me

    it scared me though

    i love fog, it's disorienting

    i don't like how people say "it's a beautiful day" if there's sunshine

    fog is beautiful too