Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the trails left by those songbirds are dizzy to trace

this is my dear friend, theresa.
i have known her for a short while.
however she is exquisite and rare.
and i love her.
Many thanks to Theresa, for tolerating the paint. ;)

a disheveled bit of loveliness has exited the scene

one of my ap art slides
this week is starting to eat me up
and swallow me.
everything is falling on me and i am suffocated.
(figuratively AND literally)
my mother and i agreed that the broken zipper
to my choralaires dress
was "the damndest thing" we ever did see.

oh man.
this week i've had the additude
where i am just thinking "does anybody really care?"
how am i special?
how am i different?
how am i the same?
how do i fit?
i feel like there is no place for me.
at all.
and i don't really know where to go.
some dissapointing news has brought me sadness.
i need to keep in mind
that my God is near.
and prayer is powerful.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

when snow days come around

snow days are so magnificently lazy and great.

coloring books and movies with my sister and mother.
gi joes and frollicking in the snow with my brother.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

late tidings of greatfulness.

late, i know.

i am thankful for...
simple beauty
my God's unending grace.
legs to skip and dance.
arms to hug and create.
my sweet and patient mother.
my talented and generous father.
siblings that think i'm quirky.
giant magnificent leaves.
my room fit for a giant.
my sister and other half, Kelly Lynn Alexander.
nostrils to sniff nice essences.
rain to splash and jump in.
large windows that can open.
a good amount of food.
the piano.
a mouth to smile.
lips to kiss.
a best friend named Jessica Casares.
new and old friends.
education (even if it is too conrete and linear for my taste)
toilet paper.
my passion for art, people, and life.
happy belated thanksgiving to you!

If I could build a tree house and live in it, I would.

trees are
(especially the large kind)
so unconditional.
my safe spot,
and my canopy.
i am serene.
when i need to hide from life and take a breath,
trees are my refuge.
so now i'm saying thankyou
to the trees.
thankyou, trees.

i desire to slumber beneath a big shady tree in a soft field,
on a day with sun and clouds.
not too sweaty, not too shivering.
the branches serving as my canopy, and the soil as my pillow.
to be humbly grounded.
is where i'd like to be.