Thursday, November 26, 2009

my golden cape protects me

i have not cut my hair in a year, now.
that is astounding.
the ends are frayed
the hair skims the small of my back.
i have almost become attached to it.
i do not want to let it go.
it has been through so much with me this year.
it knows me well.
that sounds so silly.
oh my.
it is my golden cape,
protecting me from fears.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

i'd rather observe the trees than this font

i have not blogged for quite sometime
although i had a small part, the play has been keeping me busy.
finals are near.
i'm having a hard time studying.
in my brain,
school does not carry the urgency that it deserves.
i am aware that school determines your future.
especially for the age i am currently at.
but the weight is not there.
the play was fun.
i said my two lines
with as much passion
as i could muster (for only limited hours of sleep)
i had a blast, though.
and loved meeting other people who feel the same way.

life is too short to not forgive quickly.
i wish people would realize this.
i feel like everyone hides behind their problems.
builds their identity out of conflict.

anger ages you.

and an open spirit brings energy.
this is how i feel.