Monday, September 28, 2009

Don't you know that art resides in all seasons?

This is my dear friend shelly.

She has beautiful big blue eyes, and ginger hair.

She is making a silly face here...hehe

Art is everywhere.

You just have to see it.

Downtown Grand Rapids.

There is "ArtPrize"

Art everywhere.

My fantasy.

I need to raise money for london...

I am going to start painting a bunch of furniture.

And selling it.

My feet miss being bare.

As much as I love my old combat boots, they are restraining.

As are my pants.

I miss my shorts and flowy skirts.


I wish to be.

The flowers are dying.

Soon there will be none to put in my hair.

This saddens me.

But the leaves are changing.

The vibrant hues blossoming.

This does excite me.

Mhm. Yes it does.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

i am not easy you are not noble

they have dented me
the male to female ratio is out of porportion.
i was drowning.
thankyou jessica. clare. eden.
your friendships mean the stars to me.
but because of these fellas in my life
i am left thinking i am awkward, dumb, "easy", etc.
because of the cutting knife escaping from your lips.

i would like an outdoor tea party.
with apple juice filling the tea cups.
and deep loving conversations galore.

the smell of old books makes me smile.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

a 5:52 am foggy morning stroll

i woke up one day this summer.
i was itching to be with nature.
but the kitchen clock read 5:52
this would not stop me.
i grabbed juaquin (my cannon)
slipped on my chucks.
And headed outside.
i was welcomed by fog.
it was thick but still mellow.
a little frightening, what with the fog and funny noises emerging from the forest.
but wonderful just the same.

Monday, September 7, 2009

over the summer, my digital clock remained unplugged.

i tried to make time not exhist.

(time is my enemy, usually)

but tonight, the last night of summer

i am plugging it back in.

i can no longer pour my soul out upon a canvas,

not aware of how long i was wrapped up inside the creation.

i will miss this.

school and i do not mesh superbly well.

my mother explains me as a "square peg trying to fit into a round hole"

i would have to agree.

Friday, September 4, 2009

history, lips, love (and other things too)

smuggled starbucks into a movie today.
i hid it, secretly and securely in my bag.
i also constrained secret dissapointment when someone wasn't there.
oh well.

also, wishing i had a solid, unconditional friend here in michigan.
(or at least one who won't kiss me)
history, lips,
and love.
(and a few other things)
can provide your life with many awkward, sorrowful moments.

missing kelly.

my sister and best friend.

this week, i started teaching myself to play the piano by ear.
it is not easy.
but i can now play 2 songs.
i have concluded that piano is by far, the greatest instrument of all.
so extremely different from everything out there.
it is capable of such glorious, colorful sound.
i think i have fallen in love
with music.
piano clarifies this love.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i do not need seating.

i like the floor.
bring me some wonder.
why do i let things come and go so easily?
what i really want
is a voice.
to be taken seriously.
i want simplicity.
i want to sit on a parachute in an empty room.
like we did in kindergarden.
you most likely havn't the foggiest of what i am talking about.
but this is what my mind is spewing out.
i want realness.
and frollicking.
and lots of apple juice.
i want to read poetry.
and listen to norah jones and frank sinatra.
i want a midnight rendevouz with a fantastic book.
i want to wave to more faces and play ring around the rosy with little girls.
i want hugs. i am a hugger. i hug.
hugs for everyone.
i declare.
ladel me some jello.

the stitches on the sides give a chuckle.

lend me your spear and a new friend

school starts next week.
my second year in michigan.
so much has happened in my short year here.
my innocence snatched from me.
the way i think altered.
i wonder what i'll learn this year.
went to jessicas today. hung out with her and theresa.
cookies. warpaint. goodness.
lend me your spear.
a new friend.
a new friend is always nice.