Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the trails left by those songbirds are dizzy to trace

this is my dear friend, theresa.
i have known her for a short while.
however she is exquisite and rare.
and i love her.
Many thanks to Theresa, for tolerating the paint. ;)


  1. i took paint and scribbled on my back and went out to the garden and took pictures of myself once

    it's kind of strange, but i was really inspired by this one picture that's in my blog somewhere of a girl laying down with pretty paint on her back

    you're lucky you have a friend you can do this with
    i'm happy that you really appreciate that

    and you should read the perks of being a wallflower, even though i don't know you i know you'd like it

  2. dear mecie,
    i will continue to creep and comment on your extraordinary photos. you have great talent and i am honored to be your acquaintance/friend. :)

    the girl you saw at meijer in the blue sweat shirt.

  3. hey mecie!
    check it out: