Sunday, April 4, 2010

read and absorb

my mother is
one of my favorite people on this earth.
she is steady, wise, and chill.
she knows me better than anyone.
these are her words.
they came to her immediately after waking up
this morning
easter morning.
these are my mother's words:
"Much has been written about Jesus’ experience of the crucifixion as a man, fully human. His physical suffering, his final hours. The body’s response to such a slow, tortured death.
But what about his experience of resurrection? He still had a physical body. When did his awareness of life begin as he came back from death? Was it like slowly awakening from the veil of sleep, walking in from the corners of dreams until he was in the moment of the big day? Or was there a sharp intake of breath, lungs suddenly filled with air, burning, gasping.
Could he feel the bands of cloth around his feet, his arms, his face? Was there a clawing feeling of desperation to be released, free from the restriction of movement, wanting up off this hard stone?
Could he smell the burial herbs and spices, strong and pungent in their mixture, to both honor and cover death? The cave, mildew and stale, his nose searching for release to openness.
And what did he hear? His own breath whooshing, in and out, his heart beating in his ears, and then nothing – the quiet of the tomb. Maybe the distant conversation of men standing guard.
His mouth must have been full of the sticking, staleness of long sleep, dry and tight, reluctant movement. Did he have morning breath? Bitter taste of burial herbs seeping through tight, closed lips.
How did he first sit up, stand up? Who folded the cloths? Where did his clothes come from? And did he stand patiently silently as he waited for the stone to move? Did he help, pushing weakly, hands pressed to cold, damp granite? When did the light of sun hit his eyes? Squinting in to the day after long, long night. The fresh, cool air of morning, hazy with fog. Colors opaque with dew and smoky, heavy air.
Did he stand still for a moment enjoying the newness and familiarity of what had been lost to him? As he looked down at himself, did he recognize this new body, familiar parts but new appearance?

When did the man step in?"

she really needs to get a blog.

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